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The process of extruding foamed polystyrene results in a rigid material with uniformly small, sealed cells with an unrivalled set of insulation properties which makes Proctor Group Australia’s range of XPS thermal insulation materials the first choice for building designers.


Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

Product Guide Application
DCT XPS Block DCT XPS Square Edge
  • Cold store floors
  • Cold roof
  • External render/cladding
  • Composite panels
  • Plasterboard laminate
DCT XPS Block Thermal Insulation
DCT GA 300 DCT XPS Tongue & Groove
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Cavity walls
  • Ceilings
  • Flat roof
  • Cold store floors
  • Ice rinks
  • Cold Roof
  • External render system
  • External cladding system
  • Cold bridge insulation
  • Refrigerated transport panels
  • Composite building panels
SMTG DCT XPS Tongue & Groove
  • Wine Cellars
  • External wall render system
  • External wall cladding system
  • Non-trafficable concrete roof PMR
  • Metal roof
RTM-X DCT XPS Refrigerated Transport
  • Cold Storage (walls, floors, highly loaded floors, panels)
  • Slab on ground
  • Refrigerated transport wall and floor panels
  • Trafficable concrete roof PMR
  • Composite building panels
Roofmate-SL X DCT XPS Roofmate
  • IRMA (upside down roof)
  • Heavy weight decks
  • Roof gardens
Dow Styrofoam Roofmate SL-X Thermal Insulation
DCT XPS Thermal Break Strips Thermal Break Strips
  • Metal deck roof
Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Thermal Break Strips