Roll Panel Vent RR650

Product Description

The Roll Panel Vent – RR650 is designed to maintain a continuous 25mm air gap between the underside of the roofing membrane or sarking and loft insulation at the eaves, providing a consistent flow of air into the roof space. The RR650 castellated profile is laid across the top of the roof trusses/rafters parallel with the eaves level and is suitable for both new build and roof renovation projects. The extra width of the panel allows for better coverage when low pitch and deep insulation details are encountered.

The RR650 ensures that energy efficiency is not compromised by enabling insulation to installed above the wall plate. The RR650 should be used in conjunction with other specified ProctorVent products to create a calculated, continuous and unimpeded airflow system.

Roll Panel Vent RR650 ProctorVent

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