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High performance products​

Proctor Group Australia have been servicing the Australian and New Zealand building and construction industry since 2005.

In that time, we have expertly curated a comprehensive portfolio of Australian and International high-performance products to suit local building codes and conditions.

Our range includes thermal and acoustic insulation, precision-engineered geotextiles, passive ventilation, and vapour permeable construction membranes.

Proctor Group Australia Vintient

Solutions focused​​


Proctor Group Australia helps owners, builders, and architects from both commercial and residential segments improve the working and living environments of everyday people.

Whether you are looking for products to help you achieve a 7-star energy rating, provide fresh air in high rise buildings, or reduce condensation and internal temperatures we have the products and the knowledge to guide and specify the solutions that help you to achieve your goals.


Proctor Group Australia Styrofoam INSULATION DCT XPS 300 GA on roof of building from above


Proctor Group Australia can help specify your insultation solution. We have a range of thermal and acoustic products to assist you in reaching your insulation goals.

CONSTRUCTION MEMBRANES Proctor Wraptite UV on house exterior Proctor Group Australia


The high water vapour permeability of Proctor Group Australia’s membranes allows for the controlled escape of water vapour from within the building whilst restricting the ingress of moisture.

Proctor Group Australia ProctorPassive Wraptite TAPE roll on white background


Proctor Group Australia offers a comprehensive range of tapes available to complement the range of products and to allow for best practice system installation.

Man applying roof sheets to GEOTEXTILE lining


Proctor Group Australia offers a comprehensive range of geotextiles available to complement the range of insulation products and to allow for best practice system installation.



Proctor Ventient devices can be used as part of a natural or mixed mode ventilation approach to make use of outdoor/indoor pressure differentials to bring in natural, clean, outside air.​

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Proctor Group Australia in partnership with Vent Systems offers a comprehensive range of passive roof vent components to complement our range of vapour permeable roof sarking underlays.

What Makes Us Different?​


We provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, solving problems through research and product development, designed to meet local climates, building regulations and construction practices.

Edge Products

We assess the requirements of local customers and match this with a combination of product developments and a range of tried and tested leading edge products and systems.


Proctor Group Australia continues to work tirelessly to pre-empt future thinking to consistently deliver innovative products at the top end of the performance spectrum.

Your Solution Resource

Our staff have years of experience and subject knowledge. We enjoy helping to solve your construction challenges and welcome your questions and enquires.


Total system solutions, specification clauses & CAD drawings for download.

What Our Clients Say

Keith Williams
Avonside Supplies
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“Proctor Group Austalia have supplied to us for many years with the highest quality of acoustic and thermal materials and provided us with technical assistance whenever it was requested. We have always received a first class service from the Proctor's team and would have no hesitation giving our recommendation.”
Ryan & Team
Sustainable Cladding & Roofing
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“We have been using the Proctor Wraptite SA Red product since we started our business. We find it to be the most effective and cost-efficient product on the market. The team at Dynamic Composite Technologies are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and are always there to assist when we need them. They can transport the product to us in a timely manner and keep us informed throughout the process.”

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