ProctorWrap High Tack Tape

Single Sided High Tack Adhesive Tape

Product Description

ProctorWrap HighTack Tape is a single sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape, made with an aggressive, modified acrylate adhesive, designed primarily to seal overlaps, joints and repair vapour permeable and vapour and air barrier construction membranes.



ProctorWrap HighTack Tape is ideal for air-tight bonding and sealing of overlaps of air and vapour barriers and vapour permeable membranes. The tape is suitable for bonding of smooth and slightly rough surfaces and can be used to provide a bond between steel or timber framing and membranes prior to the immediate mechanical fixing of the membrane.


The tape can bond to polyolefin non-woven membranes, aluminium faced insulation boards, plastics, metals, timber, MDF and other manufactured timber sheathings.

As with all pressure sensitive tapes, in order to ensure a strong bond, apply pressure on both sides of the material when applying the tape.


Surfaces being adhered must be dry and free of surfactants, release agents like grease or oil, and dirt or dust. Damp or cold  surfaces may prove difficult to adhere to and should be allowed to dry and return to a temperature between +5°C + 40°C prior to application of tape.


All mechanical load on membranes should be distributed to mechanical fasteners, the tape not being applied under mechanical load. The use of adhesive tape is not a substitute for the correct fixing of the materials.

As there are many factors beyond our control that can impact on the use, performance and suitability of the product, we suggests that users evaluate the product to determine suitability for the application.

  • High initial bond strength
  • High initial tack adhesion
  • Multiple substrate compatibility
  • High-strength spun-bonded carrier
  • Low VOC
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