DCT Thermalcheck Super PIR Insulated Plasterboard


DCT Thermalcheck Super boards consist of a laminate of recessed edge gypsum plaster board pressure bonded to DCTech supplied polyisocyanurate (PIR) thermal insulation foam. DCT Thermalcheck Super thermal insulated plasterboards allow for installation in one easy step, using the same fixing methods as ordinary plasterboard.

Suitable for stud, brick, masonry walls and ceilings in new or refurb projects, DCT Thermalcheck Super provides a continuous layer of thermal insulation across studs in timber frame walls removing the ‘thermal shorts’ that occur at the framing which can reduce the insulation value of a conventional wall by up to 20%.

DCTech supplied polyisocyanurate (PIR) thermal insulation is a non structural, rigid board consisting of a glass fibre-reinforced PIR foam core laminated between smooth, reflective aluminium foil facers on both sides. The glass-fibre reinforcement, along with chemical modifications, contribute to improved fire performance and dimensional stability.

Manufactured using a structural waterproof polyurethane adhesive, DCT Thermalcheck Super thermal insulated plasterboards are easy to handle and quick to install. DCT Thermalcheck Super is ideal for lining cold wall faces especially cellars and concrete slab construction.

The thermal resistance of DCT Thermalcheck Super also eliminates the problem of surface condensation, saving wear and tear on surface finishes.


  • Commercial retrofit interior wall and ceiling liner for moderate impact traffic areas


  •  High R-value insulation in a minimum thickness board


  •  Tuff-R is Green Star Compliant, CFC & HCFC Free, Zero ODP, LEED, USGBC

Specification Clause – General Application Board

DCT Thermalcheck Super PIR insulated plasterboard board should be described in specifications as:-

The insulation shall be DCT Thermalcheck Super nominal ……mm polyisocyanurate rigid foam panel with minimum compressive strength 120 kPa. Thermalcheck insulated plasterboard is distributed by Proctor Group Australia – 


Sydney 02 8788 9555

Melbourne  03 9369 7920

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DCT Thermalcheck Super PIR + Plasterboard