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ProctorGeo HC9 Spacer Mat


Moisture can potentially build up under metal roof sheeting and cause structural damage and corrosion of the roof sheet. Designed for such applications, ProctorGeo HC9 Spacer Mat is a three-dimensional shaped mesh of UV stabilized polypropylene monofilaments, tangled and fused together.

ProctorGeo HC9 is used to provide permanent drainage and ventilation between the roof sheeting and water resistant roofing underlay. It also offers provides a significant sound reduction from rain impact noise.

When used in conjunction with a ProctorWrap roofing underlay and ProctorWrap SLS Tapes this offers a complete roofing underlay solution for zinc, copper and other standing seam roof systems.


  • Provides a permanent drainage channel for condensate or moisture that may get under the roof sheet.
  • Provides space for continuous air movement between the roof deck/underlay and metal roof.
  • Reduces corrosion risk— of particular importance with zinc or galvanized steel roof sheets.
  • UV resistant during installation.
  • Reduction in rain and hail impact noise on metal roofing of up to 10dB.
  • Allows for movement of the roof sheet under temperature fluctuation.
  • Contributes to a reduction in temperature of the roof substrate in summer conditions.
  • Allows for evaporation of moisture from the roofing structure when used in conjunction with a ProctorWrap vapour permeable (breathable) membrane.
  • Low water storage potential.
  • Flexible and lightweight for ease of install.
  • Easily cut with scissors or knife.
  • Declaration of CE Conformity.
ProctorGeo HC9 Spacer Mat
HC9 Roof Application

Technical data

Technical data
Physical PropertiesTest MethodResult
WeightEN 1849-2350g/m² (+5%)
ThicknessEN 1849-29mm (+15%)

Tensile Strength:

EN 12311-2

60N/50mm (+15%) 
35N/50mm (+15%)

Temperature RangeEN 13501-2-20°C / 80°C
Reaction to fireEN 13501-2Class E
Flammability IndexAS1530.2Low (< 5)
Ignitability IndexAS1530.30
Spread of Flame IndexAS1530.3
Heat Evolved Index AS1530.3
Smoke Developed Index AS1530.3
UV exposure for ProctorGeo HC9 2 Weeks
Roll Width 1.4m
Roll Length 30m
Coverage 42m²