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ProctorPassive UV Tape

UV Resistant Single Sided Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive UV Tape is a single sided adhesive tape recommended for  use with the ProctorPassive Rainscreen vapour permeable membrane. The carrier of polyester spun bond with black functional coating offers long term UV resistance making the tape suitable for use in open joint rainscreen applications where used as directed. The pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive provides exceptionally high initial tack and permanent adhesion.


ProctorPassive UV Tape is designed for use with ProctorPassive Rainscreen vapour permeable construction membrane for open joint facades, sealing around doors, windows and pipes.


  • UV resistance
  • High water resistance
  • Compatibility with ProctorPassive Rainscreen (RS-IT)
  • Good initial tack
  • Durable robust carrier
  • Non reflective matt finish carrier
  • Air and water tight
  • Suitable for use behind in open joint cladding
PropertiesNominal Value
Adhesive CarrierSpunbonded polyester with function UV resistant coating
Adhesive TypeSolvent free acrylic adhesive
Total thickness0.6 mm (without liner)
Liner Silicone Paper
Peel adhesion≥ 25 N/25mm
Sheer Adhesion500 g/625mm²
Temperature range-30 °C to +90°C
Application Temp. +10 °C to +30 °C
UV ExposureOpen joint rainscreen: 4 months
Face sealed façades: 9 months
Shelf life1 year in original packing stored at room temperature of around 21°C & 50%RH, and protected from UV in a dry location.
Roll Dimensions60mm x 25m
Packaging10 rolls per carton
All the technical data are average values. We advise the user to test with the material to ensure the suitability for intended application.