ProctorPassive YouByute Flexi Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive YouByute Flexi Tape is a strong adhesion highly stretchable PE butyl rubber tape with lasting water and ageing resistance.


ProctorPassive YouByute Flexi Tape is used in roof and wall construction as a tape for permanent sealing of air barriers, roof underlays, building wraps and around doors, windows and pipes. The tape is suitable for sealing overlaps in edges and corners and locations that require a high degree of flexibility in the tape.


As with all pressure sensitive tapes, the YouByute Flexi Tape should be bonded as tension-free as possible. In order to ensure a strong bond, apply pressure with a squeegee or roller when applying the tape. Adhesion can be improved by applying higher pressure.

The tape must not to be used for bonding under mechanical load. The use of tape is not a substitute for any required fixing of materials.
Surfaces being adhered must be dry and free of surfactants, tensides, release agents like grease or oil, and dirt or dust. The tape is resistant against oil and many
organic solvents. Damp or cold surfaces may prove difficult to adhere to and should be allowed to dry and return to a temperature between +5°C + 40°C prior to
application of tape.
It is recommended that porous or sandy surfaces being adhered to are preconditioned with a suitable primer. Due to the risk of plasticizer migration, the product‘s
suitability on plastics and rubber should be tested.


• Highly stretchable
• High tack
• Long term water resistance
• High ageing resistance
• Release liner with finger lift
• Compatibility with ProctorWrap Rainscreen (RS-IT)
• Air and water tight
• Low emission of VOC

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