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ProctorGeo IRMA

Product Description

ProctorGeo IRMA is a water resistant and vapour permeable spunbonded polyolefin non-woven geotextile designed for use as a separating layer in ballasted or paved Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) flat roofs.


ProctorGeo IRMA acts as a vapour permeable separating layer preventing the passage of sand, soil and other debris and acts as a water control layer reducing the rainwater cooling effect caused by rainwater flowing in between the insulation and roof waterproofing layer. ProctorGeo IRMA substitutes conventional fleece filter geofabrics that do not perform as an effective water draining separation layer.

Avoid Rainwater Cooling

When rainwater in IRMA roof systems flows beneath the insulation this impacts negatively on the thermal performance of the roof. By incorporating ProctorGeo IRMA as a water-flow reducing layer directly above the insulation to drain rainwater before it reaches the waterproof layer, the need to compensate for such losses (determined using the method described in BS EN ISO 6946:2007) can be avoided.

ProctorWrap IRMA Construction Membrane

Key Features & Advantages

  • Water resistant up to 2.5m head of water
  • UV stable for up to 4 weeks exposure
  • Resistance to the effects of lime water, sodium chloride solution and sulphurous acid in concentrations required by EN 1847
  • Strong, yet lightweight for ease of
  • application
  • High vapour permeability
  • Available in 1.5m and 3m wide rolls for speed of application
  • Easily cut with scissors or knife.
  • CE Conformity
ProctorGeo IRMA


Although ProctorGeo IRMA can be used as temporary protection during construction, it can not be used as a primary waterproofing membrane. The product may be damaged by careless handling, high winds or vandalism, and should not be left uncovered for longer than is absolutely necessary. Any damaged areas should be replaced before completion.
Ensure that ProctorGeo IRMA is covered as soon as possible, and not left exposed to UV for longer than 4 weeks. ProctorGeo IRMA is not to be used in installations where it could be exposed to long term UV radiation.

Sample Specification
Water shedding filter fabric should be ProctorGeo IRMA tested ETAG 031, installed in accordance with product user guide.

Resistance to water penetration: Class W1
Resistance to the effects of lime water, sodium chloride solution and sulphurous acid (EN 1847): Pass
UV Stability: 4 weeks
Notes: Non conductive and not subject to corrosion.

Health and Safety

Information on any known health risks on our products is listed in the Material Safety Data Sheets available from Proctor Group Australia.


The details supplied here are based upon good practice and currently available information and should be read in conjunction with the most up to date product user guide. Please check that the this product is suitable for your particular application. Please contact us to discuss your project and any particular technical enquires.

Technical data

PropertiesTest methodResult
Weight EN 1849-2 100g/m2
Thickness EN 1849 – 20.38mm
Tensile Strength after artificial ageing


 EN 13859-1;2 Annex C




Temperature Range -40°C / 80ºC
Reaction to fire EN 13501-2Class E
Resistance to water penetration

EN 1928

EN 13111

 Class W1
Resistance to water penetration after artificial ageing EN 13859-1;2 Annex CClass W1
Flexibility at low temperatureEN 1109-20°C

Resistance to tearing


EN 12310-1

EN 13859-1;2

≥ 60/70 N
Resistance to the effects of lime water, sodium chloride solution and sulphurous acidEN 1847Pass
Hydrostatic pressureEN 20811>2.5m
Water vapour transmission properties (Sd)EN 12572<0.035m
UV Stability4 weeks
Roll Width1.5m3.0m
Roll Length50m50m
Roll Area75m²150m²
Roll Coverage (300mm overlaps)60m²135m²
Roll Weight8kg16kg
Rolls per pallet39 rolls39 rolls