Proctor D-Rain DC20 Reservoir

ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20 Reservoir (DC20-R) is a 20mm moulded thermoformed HDPE sheet that can store rainwater in storage cells and drain off excess water below the sheet via drainage slots.


ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20-R has been developed especially for flat/low pitched landscaped and extensive green roofs, to offer both rainwater storage and drainage.


ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20-R should be installed in accordance with the supplied installation guide. DC20-R is usually installed above to the waterproof membrane in and in conjunction with the ProctorGeo HC8-2G

Product Performance

The details supplied here are based upon good practice and currently available information. Users are advised to make their own determination as to the suitability of this information in relation to their particular purpose and specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your project as products with higher compressive resistance and/or drainage flow capacity are available.


  • Efficient drainage and water storage system for green
  • Added water storage can reduce the depth and weight (roof loading) of soil
  • Compressive strength permits usage in moderate load-bearing situations of up to 150kPa/m²
  • Wide rolls can be rolled out for rapid

Sample Specification

Water storage and drainage sheet should be ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20-R installed in accordance with the product user guide.

• Compression Resistance >150 kPa
• Horizontal drainage flow capacity 2.5 l/m.s
• 5.8 l/m2 water retention capacity

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