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ProctorGeo D-Rain DC8 Plus


ProctorGeo D-Rain DC8 Plus (GeoD-Rain DC8+) is a dimpled HDPE sheet that provides an effective drainage and membrane protection layer for use with foundation walls, flat roofing and underground structures. The integration of a 100gsm non-woven geotextile over the 3-dimensional dimpled layer prevents soil particles from blocking drainage.

The D-Rain DC8+ structure effectively captures and transports high volumes of water and resists the loads from earth and formwork. The compressive resistance 200kPa will be suitable for most common applications but where a higher compressive resistance is required, please contact us with your requirements. Products such as D-Rain DC10+ may be suitable.

D-Rain DC8 Plus is installed with the non-woven geotextile facing the backfill, soil or ballast.


  • Provides an efficient drainage system for underground structures.
  • Acts as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes in horizontal and vertical applications.
  • When sealed, creates a vapour barrier.
  • Compressive strength permits usage in moderate load-bearing situations of up to 200kN/m²
  • Wide and easy to handle rolls result in rapid and low cost installation.
ProctorGeo D-Rain DC8 Plus

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