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ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20

Product Description

ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20 (D-Rain DC20) is a dimpled HDPE protection sheet or void former.


D-Rain DC20 is typically used for the protection of waterproofing membranes in foundation walls, flat roofing and underground structures. It can also provide for the interior drainage of basement walls or as a void former and capillary break under concrete floor slabs.


D-Rain DC20 should be installed in accordance with the supplied installation guide.

D-Rain DC20 can be used as temporary protection during construction, it can not be used as a primary waterproofing membrane. The product may be damaged by careless handling, high winds or vandalism, and should not be left uncovered for longer than is absolutely necessary. Any damaged areas should be replaced before completion.

• Protection layer over waterproofing membranes.
• When sealed, creates a vapour barrier.
• Good resistance to puncturing.
• Compressive strength permits usage in moderate load-bearing situations of up to 150kN/m².
• Wide rolls for rapid installation.

Product Performance

The details supplied here are based upon good practice and currently available information. Users are advised to make their own determination as to the suitability of this information in relation to their particular purpose and specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your project as products with higher compressive resistance and/or drainage flow capacity are available.

Sample Specification

Protection and drainage sheet should be ProctorGeo D-Rain DC20 made from HDPE and secured in accordance with the product user guide.
• Compression Resistance: 150 kPa
• Thickness: 20mm
• Horizontal drainage flow capacity 2.5 l/m.s
• Vertical drainage flow capacity 10 l/m.s

PropertiesTest methodResult (tolerance)
Compression resistance150 kPa (±20%)
Total thicknessEN 9863-120 mm (±10%)
Total weightEN 9864100 g/m² (±5%)
Tensile Strength MD /CDEN 103199 kN/m (-20%)
Elongation MD/CDEN 1031925% (±15%)
Drainage flow capacity Horizontal applicationEN 12958 (R/R 20kPa i=0.04)2.5 l/m.s (-20%)
Drainage flow capacity Vertical applicationEN 12958 (R/R 20kPa i=1)10 l/m.s (-20%)