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ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape is a single sided vapour permeable and air tight polyolefin tape made with a unique vapour open acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with superior ageing resistance. Wraptite Tape is made from ProctorPassive Wraptite SA membrane.


ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape is ideal for air-tight bonding and sealing of penetrations, adjoining external insulation boards, sheathing, CLT, window frames and overlaps of vapour permeable membranes. The tape can bond to multiple substrates listed below.

Multiple Substrate Compatibility
  • Exterior Gypsum Sheathing
  • Pre-painted steel
  • Precast concrete
  • Galvanized metal
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Most rigid insulation
  • Concrete block
  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Rigid vinyl
  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Rigid vinyl

(Additional substrate compatibility available upon request.)


Nominal value

Adhesive CarrierVapour permeable, airtight and watertight spun-bond polyolefin
Adhesive TypeVapour open polyacrylate adhesive
Nominal thickness0.65mm
Peel adhesion≥ 0.26 N/mm
Air permeance0.01 m³/m².h  @ 50Pa
Temperature range-40 °C  to +100 °C
Application Temp.-6 °C to +60 °C
UV ExposureMaximum 2 months
Vapour Permeance4.1μg/Ns (Resistance 0.243 MNs/g)
AS4200.1 Vapour Barrier ClassificationVapour Permeable:  Class 4
Roll length50 m
Roll Width (mm)Standard:   50,  75,  100,  150,  300

Split Release:     75,  100,  150

All the technical data are average values. We advise the user to test with the material to ensure the suitability for intended application.