ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape is a single sided vapour permeable and air tight polyolefin tape made with a unique vapour open acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with superior ageing resistance. Wraptite Tape is made from ProctorPassive Wraptite SA membrane.


ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape is ideal for air-tight bonding and sealing of penetrations, adjoining external insulation boards, sheathing, CLT, window frames and overlaps of vapour permeable membranes. The tape can bond to multiple substrates listed below.

Drying Capacity

ProctorPassive WraptiteTape’s high vapour permeability allow moisture vapour to escape the structure easily whilst maintaining the integrity of the building envelope. With an Sd rating of 0.039, ProctorPassive Wraptite tape provides a highly vapour permeable, but fully air tight performance for multiple applications and conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Vapour permeance un-compromised by the adhesive layer .
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Exceptional air tightness.
  • Zero VOCs, and free of any chemicals on the Living Building Challenge Red List.
  • Tough laminate resists punctures and tears.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Available with 50:50 split release liner.
  • Passive House Institute approved component
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