ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent® Spacer Mat


ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent Drainage Spacer Mat is a three dimensional shaped mesh of polyamide monofilaments, tangled and fused together.


Moisture can potentially build up under metal roof sheeting and cause structural damage and corrosion of the roof sheet and fixings. ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent is used to provide permanent drainage and air movement pathway between the roof sheeting and water resistant roofing underlay and permit the removal of such moisture. ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent also offers significant sound reduction from rain impact noise.
When used in conjunction with ProctorWrap or ProctorPassive underlays and tapes this offers a roofing underlay solution for zinc, copper and other standing seam and flat profile roof systems.


ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent should be installed in accordance with the product installation guide.


  • Provides a drainage pathway for condensate or moisture that may get under the roof sheet.
  • Provides space for air movement between the roof deck/underlay and metal roof. 
  • Reduces corrosion risk – particular importance with zinc or galvanized steel roof sheets.
  • 14dB reduction in impact noise on metal roofing.
  • Allows for movement of the roof sheet under temperature fluctuations.
  • Polyamide (PA6) filaments offer high dimensional stability in all climate conditions.
  • Contributes to a reduction in temperature of the roof substrate from solar radiation.
  • High air void ratio (95%) for ultimate drainage capacity.
  • Flexible and lightweight for ease of install.
  • Easily cut with scissors or knife.
  • AS1530.3 testing (0,0,0,0-1).
ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent
ProctorGeo HC8 EnkaVent showing weave
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