ProctorPassive PyroPerm A2

Limited Combustibility, Vapour Permeable, Water & Air Barrier Sarking

Product Description

ProctorPassive PyroPerm A2 (PyroPerm-A2) is a three layer membrane consisting of a thin vapour permeable, air tight and water resistant film protected by a woven non- combustible glass textile on one face and a highly perforated aluminium film on the other. Developed primarily as a vapour permeable sarking for use in high rise rain screen applications, and buildings located in bush fire zones, PyroPerm-A2 offers a combination of strength, limited combustibility and high water holdout without compromising vapour permeance.


PyroPerm-A2 is suitable for installation in vertical wall constructions behind ventilated facades and as a roofing underlay. Please contact Proctor Group Australia to seek assurances on the suitability of PyroPerm-A2 for other applications.

Integrated Tape

To improve the integrity of installation, PyroPerm-A2 is supplied with a factory applied integrated tape.


Although PyroPerm-A2 can be used as temporary protection during construction, to avoid any damage during construction all edges must be properly fixed as per the install guide. The product may be damaged by careless handling, high winds or vandalism, and should not be left uncovered for longer than is absolutely necessary. To avoid fraying of the membrane prior to completion of the installation, all exposed edges must be taped or fixed. Any damaged areas must be replaced before completion. To ensure maximum long term durability, ensure that PyroPerm-A2 is not left exposed to UV for longer than 2 months.


• High water resistance (AS/NZS 4201.4)
• Limited combustibility (Euroclass A2-s1,d0)
• Vapour permeable
• Air tight
• Extra heavy duty
• Supplied with integrated tape

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