The high water vapour permeability of Proctor Group Australia’s membranes allows for the controlled escape of water vapour from within the building. Our membranes restrict the ingress of moisture, thus helping to protect the building fabric and insulation from condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.

Proctor Group Australia’s complete range of construction membranes are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian and New Zealand sarking standards, with materials available to suit most applications in all climates.

Proctor Group Australian construction membranes

ProctorWrap RWLight duty vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use in residential timber and steel frame wall constructionProctorWrap RW Roll 300x216
ProctorWrap CWLight duty vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use with timber and steel frame commercial wall constructionsPorctorWrap CW Image of roll 300x216
ProctorWrap HTRHighly durable medium duty vapour permeable roof underlay for use in tiled, slate and metal roofProctorWrap HTR Roll 300x216
ProctorWrap HTSProctorWrap™ HTS is a UV-stabilised tear-resistant 3-ply spun bonded polyolefin membrane with reinforcement scrim bonded together using a laminating adhesive.ProctorWrap HTS Roll Image 300x216
Proctor Passive Wraptite SASelf-adhering vapour permeable water and air barrier membrane with a unique vapour permeable pressure sensitive adhesive.ConstructionMembranes_PP_WraptiteSA_216x300
Proctor Passive Wraptite UV-SAWraptite UV-SA utilises a patented full coverage vapour permeable adhesive to provide high vapour permeability.ConstructionMembranes_PP_WraptiteUV-SA_216x300
ProctorPassive Rainscreen (RS-IT)ProctorPassive RS-IT is suitable for installation in verticalm wall constructions behind ventilated facades.ConstructionMembranes_PP_RS-IT_216x300
ProctorPassive PyroPerm A2ProctorPassive PyroPerm A2 (PyroPerm-A2) is a three layer membrane consisting of a thin vapour permeable, air tight and water resistant film.ConstructionMembranes_PP_PyroPermA2_216x300
ProctorPassive SmartVap 100ProctorPassive SmartVap 100 (SmartVap) is a two-layer AS4200.1 compliant light duty air barrier and variable vapour diffusion resistance retarder.ConstructionMembranes_PP_SmartVap_216x300
ProctorGeo Vap 120Light duty vapour retarder and convection barrierConstructionMembranes_ProctorGeo_VAP120_216x300
ProctorGeo IRMASeparating layer in ballasted or paved Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) flat roofsConstructionMembranes_ProctorGeo_IRMA_216x300
ProctorPassive Drainage Batten (DB-FR)ProctorPassive Intumescent Drainage Batten (DB-FR)  is a high compressive strength drainage batten constructed from an intumescent polyolefin extrusion.drainage batten
ProctorPassive CornersVapour permeable air tight window cornersProctorWindows
ProctorWrap Air Tight (AT)See ProctorWrap Commercial Wall (CW) 
ProctorWrap High Perm (HP)See ProctorWrap Residential Wall (RW) 
ProctorWrap High Tensile (HT)See ProctorWrap High Tensile Roof (HTR) 
Proctor RoofshieldSee ProctorWrap High Tensile Roof (HTR)