Proctor Ventient
Aereco BXC-EG

Flush-mounted demand controlled exhaust
unit for MEV

Product Description

The BXC-EG incorporates all of the functions one could want in an air exhaust unit: various additional airflow activation modes to adapt the ventilation to occupants’ needs (presence detection, switch, remote control…), as well as the humidity sensitive technology that allows to modulate the exhaust airflow automatically.

Applications & Operation

With silent operation. Flat and flush-mounted, the BXC-EG is very discreet and non-intrusive. Its installation is easy and flexible since it can be fixed not only to the wall or flush-mounted in a partition but also to the ceiling.

Aereco BXC-EG
Flush Mounted Icon Advanced special versions: CO2, VOC, and remote control versions.
Humidity Sensitive Icon Humidity sensitive, presence detector and switch versions: modulates the airflow according to the various needs of the dwelling.
Voice Activated Icon Flush-mounted exhaust unit discreet and non-intrusive.
Silent Operation icon Silent working: silent auxiliary airflow activation.
Battery Indicator Icon Battery indicator: buzzer to indicate low battery level.
Easy Cleaning Icon Easy to maintain: removable shutter case and front cover for easy cleaning.
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