DCT Thermalcheck XPS Insulated Plasterboard


Designed to facilitate fast installation of plasterboard liner and thermal insulation simultaneously, DCT Thermalcheck consist of extruded polystyrene  thermal insulation pressure bonded to gypsum plaster board. This economic, easily installed lining system allows you to insulate and line walls in one simple operation, using normal fixing methods. Suitable for stud, brick and masonry walls and ceilings, DCT Thermalcheck has a high compressive strength and moisture resistance, providing unique thermal insulation properties.

DCT Thermalcheck is lightweight and can be easily installed using the same fixing methods as ordinary plasterboard. The need for battens and separate insulation is eliminated, thereby speeding up construction time and providing a durable internal lining system. No special tools are required, as boards can be cut using standard handtools.

Renovating an older home becomes less of a challenge now that DCT Thermalcheck provides a fast, trouble free method of plastering and insulating walls and ceilings, including suspended ceilings.

DCT Thermalcheck provides unrivalled resistance to water vapour or moisture, thereby solving problems with slightly damp areas, such as bathrooms.

An extremely effective thermal insulator, DCT Thermalcheck insulated XPS board’s high insulating properties will assist in maintaining controlled temperature conditions for the life of your home.


  • Commercial retrofit interior wall and ceiling liner for high impact traffic areas
  • Residential retrofit interior wall and ceiling liner for high humidity areas such bathrooms
  • Effective vapour barrier


  • High compressive strength rating
  • Long term retained R-Values

Specification Clause – General Application Board

DCT Thermalcheck XPS extruded polystyrene insulated plasterboard board should be described in specifications as:-

The insulation shall be DCT Block XPS nominal ……mm closed cell rigid cellular extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam panel with minimum compressive strength 300 kPa. Thermalcheck insulated plasterboard is distributed by Proctor Group Australia – 


Sydney 02 8788 9555

Melbourne  03 9369 7920

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DCT Thermalcheck Insulated Plasterboard