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ProctorGeo EcoRain®  is an innovative technology for subsurface irrigation that can be used for a number of areas that need to be greened. Due to its outstanding efficiency, it is able to fight one of the most pressing environmental and developmental issues, which is water shortage.

Due to the subsurface irrigation system of the ProctorGeo EcoRain® irrigation mat the water is supplied directly at the roots, where it is needed the most. This is an efficient way to irrigate, where conventional systems have been unable to succeed.

This product has been successfully applied internationally showcasing the economic efficiency of this product.

Up to 70% water saving

  • Limits evaporation
  • High water storage capacity
  • No exposure to wind
  • Even higher water saving effect if irrigation runs during night time
  • Reduction of soil erosion and improved greening of sparsely vegetated areas
  • Extremely good root penetration, prevention of stagnant water and less pest affection due to dryer topsoil line

Improved plant growth

  • Almost 100 % even water distribution over the entire area to be irrigated
  • Water supply directly at the roots
  • First, the water is stored in the mat
  • Then, the roots take the required amount of water from the mat
  • Strengthens the root system
  • More efficient use of water, almost no loss of water through evaporation
  • Possible supplementation with fertilizer

Improved usage/applications

  • Irrigation is possible at anytime
  • Area can be utilized during the irrigation periods
  • Reduced risk of vandalism
  • Reduced risk of damage during maintenance work
  • No flooding of roads/less danger with regard to aquaplaning
  • No unpleasant smell if treated water is used

Vegetation on slopes

Simple irrigation and installation of the irrigation system even in projects that are considered extremely difficult with regards to irrigation.

Roof greening (even in hot climates)

  • More efficient installation due to a lower installation height
  • Increasedwater storage capacity of conventional substrates
  • Opening up of new markets as the EcoRain enables roof greening also in hot climates

Football stadiums

  • Potential to save one out of three necessary lawn exchanges per year


  • Golf courses can be irrigated while being used
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