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ProctorPassive FR Tape

Single Sided Fire Retardant Air Barrier Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive Fire Retardant (FR) Tape is a single sided aluminium faced woven glass tape made with an aggressive, moisture resistant polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive with superior ageing resistance.



ProctorPassive FR Tape is ideal for air-tight bonding and sealing of penetrations and overlaps of rigid and flexible weather resistant barriers. The tape is suitable for bonding of smooth surfaces. The tape can bond to polyolefin, polyamide, polyester, woven glass and aluminium membranes, aluminium faced insulation boards, plastics, metals, timber, MDF and other manufactured timber and fibre cement sheathings.



  • JIS-A1322 Class 1 flameproof carrier
  • Moisture resistant
  • Extremely strong
  • Does not use toluene, xylene or plasticizers,
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Multiple substrate compatibility
  • Air, water and vapour tight
  • Manufactured in Japan
PropertiesNominal Value
Adhesive CarrierWoven glass cloth and aluminium laminate
Adhesive TypePolyacrylate adhesive
Total thickness0.2 mm
LinerSilicon coated kraft paper
Peel adhesion44 N/25mm
Tensile strength715 N/25 mm
Temperature range-10 °C to +130°C
UV ExposureNot suitable for exterior applications. Temporary exposure up to 8 weeks.
Shelf life1 year in original packing stored in a cool and dry location protected from UV.
Roll Dimensions50mm x 20m
Packaging20 rolls per carton

All the technical data are average values. We advise the user to test with the material to ensure the suitability for intended application.