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Aereco EHT²

Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

Product Description

The EHT² is the new generation of humidity sensitive wall air inlet. Installed on the wall (100 mm or 125 mm), the humidity sensitive air inlet EHT² is an ideal alternative to window air inlets, offering an answer in case of lack of space on the windows. With accessories, it provides a high level of acoustic insulation, up to 52 dB, which places it among the best performing products on the market. The EHT² also has a multimodal dial where the closed mode allows protection from cold and strong wind. Are available as well the wide open and the humidity sensitive modes

Applications & Operation

The EHT² has three possible openings for incoming air: two side openings and an opening above the device. By offering the choice of assembly according to the configuration of the room, the EHT² gives more possibility of wall installation. The EHT² can therefore be installed close to the walls without the risk of damaging them or bothering the residents because of the incoming air.

Aereco EH2 product Image
Humidity Sensitive IconHumidity sensitive system: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity.
Core drilling: easy installation on the wall, ideal for refurbishment projects.
Acoustic Attenuation IconAcoustic attenuation up to 52 db with accessories.

Airflow orientation choice : movable deflectors.

Closing & Opening IconClosing and opening device.
Easy Cleaning IconEasy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting, and readily accessible filters.
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