About PGA

Proctor Group Australia – PGA has been servicing the Australian and New Zealand building and construction industry since 2005. We are know for our extensive portfolio of high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation.

PGA is also well known for our precision-engineered geotextiles and vapour permeable construction membranes

In recent times we have also expanded our product range to include Ventient™ for windows, doors, and walls. Additonally, we have secured a partnership with Vent Systems New Zealand to be able to offer their cutting-edge roof ventilation products to the Australian market.

100% Australian owned and operated, PGA brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from around the globe. We solve problems through research and product development. Offering products designed to meet local climates, building regulations and construction practices.

We aim to extend our product range in Australia and New Zealand by assessing the requirements of local customers and matching this with a combination of product developments and a range of tried and tested leading edge products and systems from Europe and North America.

Proctor Group Australia will continue to work tirelessly to pre-empt future thinking to consistently deliver innovative products at the top end of the performance spectrum.

PGA - Proctor Group Australia 100% owned and operated