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Proctor Q-Silence P80

ProctorQ Silence P80


Introducing Proctor Q-Silence P80 – a high-performance,  mass-spring vibration isolation mat which absorbs impact and airborne noise in both commercial and residential applications.

Laid under-slab, Proctor Q-Silence P80 reduces noise from impact and foot traffic for all types of floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, timber, parquetry and carpet.

Proctor Q-Silence P80 delivers a cost-effective, sound attenuating solution for quieter floors for both new and refurbished projects.

Proctor Q-Silence

Technical data

  Properties  Test Method  Result
  Raw material:  –  Polypropylene (PP)
  Mono-filament weight:  EN 1849-2  425 g/m²
  Product total weight:  EN 1849-2  520 g/m²
  Thickness:  EN 1849-2  7.5 mm
  Adhesive Tape:  –  Butyl
  Resistance to water penetration:  EN 13859-1  Class W1
  Vapour permeability:  DIN 52615  940 g/m² 24h
  Compressibility:  UNI EN 12341  0.7 mm
  Apparent dynamic stiffness:  EN 29052  28 MN/m³
  Impact sound deadening:  UNI EN 12354-2  27 dB
  Overlap:  EN 1848-2  10 cm
  Roll width (including overlap)  EN 1848-2  1.5m
  Roll length:  EN 1848-2  35 m
  Roll coverage:  –  49m2
  Rolls per pallet:  –  4
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