ProctorPassive Wraptite UV-SA

Product Description

ProctorPassive Wraptite UV-SA combines all the best properties of a UV resistant vapour permeable water and air barrier membrane in one innovative self-adhering product designed for use behind open jointed cladding. Wraptite UV-SA utilises a patented full coverage vapour permeable adhesive to provide high vapour permeability.


For use in wall and roof applications in accordance with AS4200.1,2:2017 Wraptite UV-SA’s vapour permeability allows substrates such as rigid air barriers, concrete, CLT, or bracing boards to dry quickly thus reducing the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion.

ProctorPassive UV-SA is suitable for installation in vertical wall constructions behind ventilated facades with regularly spaced open joints no greater than 30mm wide accounting for no more than 30% of total façade surface area. The rainscreen façade has to be ventilated according to the façade manufacturers installation instructions and with a min. 20mm ventilation gap.

Long term UV resistance is dependent on the percentage of the cladding that is open, the size of openings, and the width of the cavity. Please contact Proctor Group Australia to seek assurances on the suitability of ProctorPassive UV-SA for the particular application.


Wraptite UV-SA should be installed in accordance with the supplied installation guide. Wraptite UV-SA fully bonds without mechanical attachments to most substrates for ease of installation, requiring minimal use of sealants or tapes.

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