ProctorWrap BL-IT

In Australia, ProctorWrap™ BL-IT is currently available from CSR Bradford under the Enviroseal™ brand. Technical and sales enquires in Australia for product supplied by CSR Bradford are handled by CSR Bradford.

Product Description

ProctorWrap™ BL-IT is a non-woven textile fabric with a UV stable functional coating. This product includes pre-applied integrated tape release liners. This product meets the requirements of the AS/NZS 4200.1 and is suitable for use in Australian residential and commercial applications.


ProctorWrap BL-IT is suitable for installation in vertical wall constructions behind ventilated facades with regularly spaced open joints no greater than 50mm wide accounting for 30% open total surface area. The use of vapour permeable products is recommended in warm to cold climate zones where condensation control may be required. ProctorWrap BL-IT is recommended where vapour pressure is higher inside the building than outside. Where higher insulation R value are used in construction it is recommended that vapour permeable products can be used to minimise the risk of condensation related damage. This product is suitable for use in BAL regions 12.5 to FZ in accordance with AS 3959.

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