Nationwide Condensation Survey

“Based on the nationwide condensation survey, more than 40% of new buildings have condensation and mould.”

The Australian Building Codes Board has finally published the findings of the October 2015 national condensation survey.

10 years ago, when I arrived in Australia I was told there was no condensation problem here other than indoor swimming pools and wine cellars. About 5 years ago the same people were dismissing this a just a Tasmania or Darwin problem. How I wish I have been wrong all this time, but the findings from the survey make for depressing reading wherever you are in Australia.

There are 80 pages to get through before hitting the conclusions but stick with it. As a spoiler alert, the solution is not to wait for global warming to fix it.

On a more positive note, the report maps out a solid 3-stage approach to address the problem and the solutions are neither revolutionary or expensive, particularly when compared to the significant benefits to building occupants, building owners and the broader community.

The report was completed in September 2016, so hopefully the ABCB have been busy over the past 14 months working out how to implement the recommendations. Only time will tell but I fear that many more lives will be significantly impacted before we get out the other side of this one.