Could your home be giving you asthma?


When we think of this word images of that furry white patch that is growing from the month old pasta in the back of your fridge may come to mind, but that isn’t the only mould that could be found in your home and it isn’t the only one that could make you sick.

Being exposed to mould in your home, as a result of a condensation issue, has the potential to not only cause unsightly, fury growths or slimy patches throughout your house, it also has the potential to trigger life threatening reactions, like asthma for example.

By Andy Russell
General Manager

In the article “Is your home harming you? Asthma, allergies and indoor mould” by John Burgess, CRE for Chronic Respiratory Disease at the University of Melbourne, you can see for yourself just how dangerous the side effects of indoor dampness can be.

As a way of addressing these issues that may lead to illness Burgess suggests, “It’s also important to address the causes of mould. This comes down to lessening indoor humidity and dampness by improving home ventilation and heating.”

So don’t wait until you’re wheezing up that flight of stairs or struggling to breathe as you lie in bed at night. Know the cause and find a fix before you health is put on the line.


Know how to identify mould growth in your home before it gets to this