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About Proctor Group Australia

Proctor Group Australia is both large enough to ensure quality and small enough to ensure quality. Watch this video to hear about the products and services that we provide. 

Proctor Wraptite SA Installation Demonstration

Proctor Wraptite SA is a unique self adhesive, air tight and vapour permeable membrane. Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to install.

Proctor Wraptite SA Product Information

Overview of the Proctor Wraptite SA self adhered external air barrier system

DCT Vento R – An ideal installation for ventilated facades.

Mineral fibre insulation, DCT high density TERRA Vento R coated with the black glass voil facing.

Good tensile strength, outer coating sheds water and is classified as a non combustible product, in core and composition. An ideal installation for ventilated facades.

Ventient Natural Ventilation System

Without electric power, sensors or human intervention, the Ventient system automatically controls ventilation dependent on ambient temperatures, optimising the benefits of natural ventilation without introducing air that is too hot or too cold.

How installing CSR Bradford Enviroseal
ProctorWrap can benefit your new home

Dan and Dani from The Block All Stars explain how installing Bradford’s Enviroseal ProctorWrap – an innovative wall wrap for new houses – helps to manage condensation, reducing the potential for allergy-triggering mould or mildew in your home.

Controlling Condensation with Bradford Enviroseal

Enviroseal ProctorWrap roof sarking and wall wrap is a vapour permeable product that allows water vapour to pass through it, whilst preventing the entry of liquid water and dust from outside. When used in colder climates where there is more moisture inside the home than outside, it allows moisture in the air to pass through the membrane before condensing to water (condensation) safely on the outside of the building frame where it does not damage the home..