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va-Q-floor F


va-Q-floor F is a vacuum insulation panel for construction applications.

The core itself is non-combustible (fire class A1 in Europe), va-Q-floor F is inflammable (Construction materials class DIN 4102-B2) and approved for general construction purposes in accordance with the approval number Z-23.11-1658, of the “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBT)”.

va-Q-floor F panels have smooth edges and sharp corners due to special “edge fold technique va-Q-seam” so individual panels can be joined almost seamlessly

va-Q-floor F vacuum insulation panel


va-Q-floor F can be used in buildings in accordance with application areas interior applications for ceilings, walls, floors, flat roofs, top floor ceilings, exterior insulation behind panelling and insulation in wood frame construction.

Planners, installation partners or architects are responsible for the relevant specific insulation system. Application systems for buildings can also be discussed directly with va-Q-tec.

As its name already suggests va-Q-floor F is especially suited for its application on floor areas.

Technical data

Product Nameva-Q-floor F
Surface ColourSilver
GeometryRectangular shape (without protruding flanges*)
Density180-210 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity<0.0043 W/(mK) @ 20mm thickness
Temperature stability-70°C to +70°C (due to the film)
Thermal shock resistanceNot sensitive to heat and cold shock in the given temperature range
Humidity stability0% to 60%
Internal gas pressure<5 mbar (at delivery)
Increase of gas pressureApproximately 1mbar/year (at 20mm thickness
and normal room conditions)
Standard dimension500mm x 600mm
Special formTriangle, trapezium, special shape, cornet cut,
hole cut and recessed surface
Nominal Thickness15mm amd 20mm
Size tolerance
0 to 500mm
+2 / -4mm
Thickness tolerance±1mm
Specific heat capacity0.8 kJ (kg K) (at normal room temperature)
Mass per area4 kg/m² (at 20mm thickness)
Compressive strengthApproximately 150kPa (at 10% compression)
Service LifeExtrapolated, depending on application up to 60 years.
For 10 mm and 15 mm thickness, if a flat edge is required, the flanges are refolded onto the main surface of panel.
All figures are intended as a guide and should not be used for preparing specifications.
Nominal Thickness to R-Value @ 10°C
(Assigned by Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnil DBIt)
Nominal Thickness
Lambda/K Value/Thermal
R Value