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PIR Tuff-R


Featuring the highest thermal insulation value of any foam sheathing currently available, Dow Tuff-R is a closed cell polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core sandwiched between two durable, aluminium foil exterior facers. The first is a continuous sheet of aluminium foil, the other is aluminium foil-Kraft paper-aluminium foil.

Air cannot penetrate the facers, which also minimises water and water vapour intrusion into the polyisocyanurate foam insulation core, and allows the foam R-value to stabilise at a higher value. Dow Tuff-R thermal insulation can be easily applied to a variety of substrates.

Dow Tuff-R thermal insulation is a rigid board, manufactured with a HFC blowing agent, which has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) than standard CFC/HCFC blowing agents and is Green Star Compliant.

Dow Tuff-R PIR Thermal Insulation


  • Car park soffits, concrete roofs
  • Tuff-R is not compliant in exposed applications where AS ISO 9705 determined group classification is required.  Examples are where required by Melbourne Fire Brigade or buildings approved under the NCC 2015.
  • Double brick wall, cavity wall, double cavity precast wall, masonry wall external
  • Underside of slab


  • High R-Value enhances thermal efficiency
  • Facers help reduce are penetration and water vapour intrusion
  • Compatible with most exterior siding treatments
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • 15 Year limited thermal warranty


  • Green Star Compliant
  • CFC and HCFC Free
  • Zero ODP
  • LEED

Specification Clause
General Application Board

Dow Tuff-R™ PIR general application board should be described in specifications as:–

The insulation shall be Dow Tuff-R™ General application board ____mm thick comprising a premium performance CFC/HCFC–free rigid PIR (Polyisocyanurate) thermoset insulation core with 12.5 micron tri laminate, autohesively bonded foil facings on both sides conforming to fire tests, AS1530–3,

DOW Insulation Limited and shall be applied in accordance with the instructions issued by them.

Dow Tuff-R™ is distributed by Proctor Group Australia

T: 1800 174 900.

Technical data

Product Name:

Dow Tuff-R
Polyisocyanurate PIR rigid thermal insulation

Product Description:

Dow Tuff-R a non structural rigid thermal insulation board consisting of a polyisocyanurate PIR foam core laminated between smooth, reflective aluminium foil facers on both sides.

Surface finish:

Product code:
Edge treatment:
Nominal Thickness:
Compressive strength:
Water absorption:
Blowing agent:
Environmental characteristics:

Aluminium foil one face, and composite foil
laminate on the other.
Silver foil facers with foam core
13 mm
1219 mm
2235 mm
32 kg/m³
137 kPa (min) @ 10% deformation
Green Star Compliant, Zero ODP, CFC/HCFC  Free
Nominal Thickness to R-Value
Dow Tuff-R PIR @ 24°C 
Nominal Thickness
Lambda/K Value/Thermal
R Value

Tuff-R used in car park soffits, please check with your local building certifiers regarding compliance with the states fire code