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Internally insulated timber frame wall – RW001a

Internally insulated timber frame wall - RW001a

Enviroseal ProctorWrap Residential Wall (RW)
DCT Thermalcheck

External wall

Sarking Membrane: 
Enviroseal ProctorWrap RW breathable (vapour permeable) membrane with vapour resistance  of not more than 0.13MNs/g.

Approved [glass/polyester] batts

Total R-Value

Support & Fixing
Tightly fit batts between studs. Extend to roof line in gable walls. Fix breathable membrane to outside of frame with 150mm overlaps in accordance with AS4200.2 and the product user guide.

Install flashings prior to installing sarking. Prevent entry of water behind the insulation boards.

Vapour Barrier
Fix DCT Thermalcheck to underside of frame  [12.7mm PIR Insulation + [Size]mm Plasterboard]

A well installed vapour barrier may also be required in some cold climates and/or high humidity buildings. Proctor Group Australia recommends that a condensation risk analysis is undertaken to determine if required.

There are a large number of factors that need to be considered in assessing and managing condensation risk. Such factors include the local climate, building use, position, thickness and type of insulation, position and integrity of vapour barriers, and the degree and location of mechanical or passive ventilation. It is highly recommended that designers undertake a condensation risk analysis.