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Insulation below slab on ground/raft – CF004a

Insulation below slab on ground/raft - CF004a

Dow Styrofoam RTM-X

Confirm with a structural engineer for the required compressive strength required.

Lay non-porous rigid board directly onto the levelled ground that will be under the slab, excluding footings and structural beams. Lay separating damp proof membrane (DPM) above the Styrofoam RTM-X, lapping 100mm at joints.

Dow Styrofoam RTM-X

Total R-Value

Final finish

[Size] – Determined by required material  R-value. 30mm Dow Styrofoam RTM-X Board will give R1.1 material / product only R-Value. Compressive strength needs to be considered by a structural engineer for dynamic and static loads. Follow structural engineers detail on raft slab detail.