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Green Roofs: The view from below with John Potter

Green Roof & Flat Roof Design Fundamentals

Special guest speaker from the UK 

John Potter  –  JPA TL

Date: Thursday, 24 January 2013

Time: 7:00am – 9:30am (Light breakfast provided)
Event: Green Roof & Flat Roof Design Fundamental
Presented by: Andy Russell – Proctor Group Australia
Guest Speaker: John Potter – JPA TL


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CPD Presentaion on Condensation

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 John Potter at Austral Design Studio

 John Potter Presenting


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A review of recent guidance on inverted roof construction

New guidance on inverted warm roofs is contained in European Technical Approval Guidance 031 (ETAG 031) which has been issued in order to ensure consistent standards of assessment of inverted roof systems throughout Europe.


JPA TL Software for Construction –

In 1985 JPA began developing a suite of specialist software for the construction industry to calculate the thermal performance of the building envelope and the likelihood of condensation. That software is now regarded as industry standard and is widely used throughout the UK and Europe and as far afield as China and the United States. We provide straightforward, effective software, specialising in thermal calculation tools which enable designers to improve the energy performance of their buildings and to demonstrate compliance with the increasingly complex requirements of Building Regulations.

About JPA TL –

JPA TL Ltd. is a design agency specialising in technical information for the construction industry. We help our clients communicate effectively with specifiers, contractors and end users through print and electronic media.

About John Potter Architect –

JPA offer a complete range of architectural and consultancy services, from pre-design advice, feasibility and brief preparation to delivery of the project on site, for new build, refurbishment and extension projects.

JPA building pathology and expert witness work in connection with construction litigation give us a special understanding of what constitutes sound and durable construction. JPA also undertake extensive research in innovative materials and construction technologies. JPA will act as a ‘single point of contact’ appointing and outsourcing expert knowledge from other consultants and disciplines.

Further Information on Green Roofs

Green Roofs Australasia

City of Sydney Green Roofs Links for various documents including the Green Roofs and Walls Perception Study, the Green Roofs and Walls Strategy and the Green Roof Resource Manual. 

Growing Up – The bluprint to green roof melbourne

Living Wall and Green Roof Plants for Australia This RIRDC report provides the industry with greater knowledge of plant selection for extensive green roofs and living walls in Australia’s challenging subtropical climate. 

John Potter