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Condensation Conundrums
Where to put your insulation, vapour barriers and breather membranes

Understand and minimise the risk of condensation forming in your building projects. During this 1 hour presentation, Andy Russell from Proctor Group Australia will present topics on:-

  • Condensation principles
  • Moisture management and the building envelope
  • Consequences
  • Condensation risk
  • Addressing the risks

By Wendy Wright
Marketing & Communications

Proctor Group Australia would like to offer Australian architectural practices the opportunity to participate in a free CPD presentation at your premises. Click here to register your interest.


About the presenter

Andy Russell has worked in the field of condensation in Europe with UK based building envelope specialists A Proctor Group. Andy has also worked in Japan for 7 years including a spell on secondment to Daiwa House, a major prefabricated steel frame house manufacturer. He also conducted research into the performance of construction membranes at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Andy has been in Australia since 2007 and was a member of the group writing the first edition of the “Condensation Handbook” published in 2011 by the Australian Building Codes Board and presented across Australia on the subject to several industry associations and as part of the 2011 Australian Institute of Architects Refuel National Seminar Series.

Andy Russell
By Andy Russell
Asia Pacific Manager